Orange fluorescent protein excitation emission

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Select a protein color to view available options along with their excitation and emission maxima, brightness, and compatible filters. You can also explore data for various fluorescent protein applications and find the right protein for your experiment.Red (orange) fluorescent protein TurboRFP Super bright red (orange) fluorescence Fast maturation, high pHstability Recommended for gene expression analysis and cell and organelle labeling TurboRFP is a red (orange) fluorescent protein (excitationemission maxima are 553 and 574 orange fluorescent protein excitation emission

Each fluorescent protein begins plotted with excitation wavelength on the xaxis and emission wavelength on the yaxis. The color is set based on its emission wavelength, and fades to gray as the brightness (product of exctinction coefficient and quantum yield) decreases.

An Orange Fluorescent Protein with a Large Stokes Shift for SingleExcitation Multicolor FCCS and FRET Imaging Excitation and emission spectra of recombinant proteins were measured with a FluoroMax3 spectrouorometer (Jobin Yvon). For absorbance Introduction to Fluorescent Proteins. orange, red, and deep red fluorescent protein variants that further reduce the tendency of these potentially efficacious biological probes to selfassociate while simultaneously pushing emission maxima towards longer wavelengths. Kindling fluorescent protein does not exhibit emission untilorange fluorescent protein excitation emission SYPRO Orange cannot be visualized with the naked eye and thus a fluorescence scanner is required for detection of protein bands (the excitation maxima [Ex are

Fluorescence Excitation and Emission Fundamentals and green fluorescent protein, are those that occur naturally. Extrinsic fluorophores are synthetic dyes or modified biochemicals that are added to a specimen to produce fluorescence with specific spectral properties. orange fluorescent protein excitation emission In vivo imaging is facilitated by a bright, cyanexcitable orange fluorescent protein that is the basis of an improved bioluminescent protein. CyOFP1 in singleexcitation dualemission imaging; 4. The ZsYellow1 fluorescent protein can be used as a molecular tag or as a reporter to visualize, track, and quantify cellular processes including protein synthesis and Y66H 382 459 25, 000 435 Cyan Fluorescent Proteins Excitation max (nm) Emission max (nm) Extinction coefficient () Ex Filter Em Filter Mirror Orange Fluorescent Proteins Excitation max (nm) Emission max (nm) Extinction coefficient () Ex Filter Em Filter Mirror A greenemitting fluorescent protein from Galaxeidae coral and its monomeric version for use in fluorescent labeling. J Biol Chem, 2003. 278(36): p. . 12.

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