Common core nationalized education

2019-12-08 10:08

From American Thinker: Common Core, the new federal education standards, may look delicious; but before you take a bite out of the apple, it might be a good idea to know a razor is inside.Common Core is a new curriculum developed by a panel of socalled education experts. The administration is trying to turn Common Core into a national curriculum by offering states increased federal education funding if they impose Common Cores curriculum on their public schools. common core nationalized education

Common Core Encourages Proliferation of Nationalized Education Standards. The children belong to all of us, Reville stated, while describing those opposed to the Common Core as a tiny minority. 1 While the debate over the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) continues and states move forward with implementation,

Since 2010, fortytwo (42) of the fifty U. S. states and the District of Columbia have been members of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, while Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska, Indiana, and South Carolina did not adopt the initiative at a state level. Common Core has nationalized our curriculum& these local decisions prove it! Submitted by [email protected on Wed, 13: 54 The latest in a series of antiCommon Core scare tactics came from Michelle Malkin yesterday, when she implored,common core nationalized education Common Core: Nationalization of Education& Globalization. It did not arise from the states though it is being sold that way, but rather it came to us from the same Progressives who have been pushing this curricula for decades, currently to include George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, Bill Ayers, and the Tides Foundation along with other major Progressive organizations, and the Obama Administration.

Common Core: Nationalized State Run Education. Nationalizing education via Common Core is about promoting an agenda of Anticapitalism, sustainability, white guilt, global citizenship, selfesteem, affective math, and culture sensitive spelling and language. This is done in the name of consciousness raising, moral relativity, fairness, diversity, and multiculturalism. common core nationalized education Forget Nationalization, Common Core Is Globalized Education. Common Core is now being taught in American schools in the Middle East which focus on teaching ExPats. They have sketchy partners. The second annual MENA conference to train educators and other professionals was organized by KDSL and took place in Dubai, # 2 Common Core is based on a Materialistic, Egalitarian Philosophy. Common Core is the fruit of a long line of progressive education reformers. This process of destruction of Western education did not begin in the last few years or even decades, but way back in the socalled Enlightenment. National Education Standards: Both Sides of the Debate. Updated. May 01, 2018 The VOA reports that the Obama administration is in support of Common Core and is providing incentives to get states onboard with these standards. Nearly Half of Nations Schools Falling Short of Federal Standards. The Drama of Teacher Ratings: From a NonCC States, Homeschoolers, and Private Schools. Despite the growing outcry surrounding Common Core, analysts say that without a significant change in course, it is only a matter of time before the nationalized education scheme ensnares virtually every student in America. Homeschoolers, privateschooled children,

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