Red orange flakes in stool

2019-12-11 10:40

just pasted a stool with bits of red flakes like rubard. I ate red peppers last night for tea. There was no discolouration and the red looked like undigested bits of food and not typical blood.I have hundreds of red specs in stool, very often. They are about the size of a period and light reddish in color. They don't seem to get colored by stool and seem red orange flakes in stool

Oct 07, 2011 For a few months now I have had black specks similar to pepper in my stool, and occasionally I will also see orangered flakes as well. I don't believe it is from food I ate because I can't link it to anything. I will also have on and off stomach pain that aches usually on my left side but also sometimes on my right side.

Red flakes in the stool can be caused by hemorrhoids, infection, colitis, or diverticulitis, amongst other causes. I would consider a lower endoscopy either a flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy to help rule out these causes. Causes of red blood in the stool can include: A common source of bright red blood in the stool or on toilet paper is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the rectal area that may burst and bleed. Hemorrhoids are not usually serious and can often be treated effectively withred orange flakes in stool The orange in the stool is most likely to be from undigested food. I have eaten Papaya and it comes out orange and tomato comes out red. To prove it drink some liquid chlorophyll (from health shop). It comes out green. My small intestine eliminates stuff too quick and this is the result.

Orange Diarrhea 101 What Affects Stool Color? The digestive process plays a big role in what color your stool comes out. But did you know that what you eat also plays a big role? The color in foods can alter the color of your poop. As food moves along your digestive tract, it changes color. By the end, its supposed to come out as brown. red orange flakes in stool

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