National debt held by the public

2020-01-23 18:03

The Debt Held by the Public is all federal debt held by individuals, corporations, state or local governments, Federal Reserve Banks, foreign governments, and other entities outside the United States Government less Federal Financing Bank securities. Types of securities held by the public include,The data on total public debt outstanding is available daily from through. The debt held by the public versus intragovernmental holdings data is available: Yearly (on a fiscal basis) from through. national debt held by the public

Public debt, also known as national and governmental debt, is the debt owed by a nations central government. A government debt is an indirect debt of the countries taxpayers.

Public debt usually only refers to national debt. But some countries also include the debt owed by states, provinces, and municipalities. Therefore, be careful when comparing public debt between countries to make sure the definitions are the same. Specifically, gross federal debt is the sum of debt held by the public and intragovernmental debt. As of today, the gross debt is 20. 2 trillion, up from 9. 0 trillion a decade ago. Over the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects gross debt to rise to roughly 31 trillion.national debt held by the public As of July 31, 2018, debt held by the public was 15. 6 trillion and intragovernmental holdings were 5. 7 trillion, for a total of 21 trillion. Debt held by the public was approximately 77 of GDP in 2017, ranked 43rd highest out of 207 countries.

It is calculated using Federal Debt Held by the Public (FYGFDPUN) and Gross Domestic Product, 1 Decimal (GDP): FYGFGDQ188S FYGFDPUN1000 transforms FYGFDPUN from millions of dollars to billions of dollars. Federal Debt Held by the Public as Percent of Gross Domestic Product. national debt held by the public Debt Held by the Public. The public holds the rest of the national debt of 14. 7 trillion. Foreign governments and investors hold almost half of it. Onefourth is held by other governmental entities. These include the Federal Reserve, as well as state and local governments. Graph and download economic data from Q1 1970 to Q3 2018 about Public Domain: Citation Requested, public, federal, debt, and USA. A portion is debt held by the public and a portion is debt held by government accounts. Debt held by the public excludes the portion of the debt that is held by government accounts. Gross federal debt is made up of public debt securities and a small amount of securities issued by government agencies.

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