Gambela national park

2020-01-23 16:25

Gambella National park. At a road distance of 850 km Gambela Addis Ababa, the 50, 600 ha Gambella National park has the richest mega wildlife of the parks in Ethiopia. With elevation ranging from 400 to 768 masl, the park is located in the flood plains of the Akobo, Baro and Gilo Rivers.Ethiopias largest national park extends over 5, 060km2 of Gambella Regional State in the lowlying far west. It is bordered to the north by the Baro River, a wide tributary of the Blue Nile navigable all the way to its confluence with the White Nile at Khartoum. gambela national park

Gambella National Park. Gambella National park is located 850 km west of Addis Ababa. It was established as a protected area in 1973 to conserve a diverse assemblage of wildlife and unique habitats.

Gambela (sometimes spelt Gambella gives access to the GambeIa National Park. The undulating plains of high Sudanese grass offer excellent opportunities for wilderness exploration. It is not particularly easy to access however. Beyond Gambela towards the Sudanese border, the Anuak cultivators give way to the nomadic Nuer. Jan 16, 2019 nice landscape it was very smokey. Make sure you have armed guards. but it is a nice place to see read moregambela national park Gambella National Park is located in the Gambella Region and it covers 5, 061 square kilometers. It was established in 1973, it is 15 kilometers southwest of the city of Gambella, where the park headquarter located. The northern boundary is surrounded by the Baro River.

Gambela National Park. Gambela National Park is the Western region of Ethiopia Baro River area. It is Ethiopias true tropical zone. Hence, we can find all the elements of the African safari. Ethiopian flavor has enhanced it distinctly. The park, the largest in the country, covers 5, 060 square kilometers. gambela national park

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