Jamaica's national dish

2020-01-23 14:52

Jamaicas national dish is Ackee and Saltfish. Jamaicans say its the traditional breakfast dish but I would and do eat it anytime! Ackee is a fruit that grows on the Ackee tree, and it actually looks like a fruit when its still on the tree. Before ackee can be cooked it needs toAckee and Saltfish The National Dish of Jamaica. Ackee and Saltfish has over the years become the National Dish of Jamaica, although neither ingredient is of Jamaican origin. Ackee was probably brought to Jamaica from West Africa, but it is more widely eaten in Jamaica than anywhere else, and it has become Jamaica's jamaica's national dish

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August 20, 2014. When visiting Jamaica, one of the musttry dishes is our national dish, Ackee and Saltfish. It is the most popular among our guests and is available as part of the taste of Jamaica dish during breakfast on Tuesdays and Fridays. Ackee is a pearshaped fruit that is found in warm climates. Ackee and saltfish is Jamaica's national dish. Ackee and saltfish is the national dish of Jamaica. Jamaican cuisine features various cooking techniques, spices, and flavors, which are influenced by the diverse cultures of the island.jamaica's national dish Ackee and saltfish, served with coleslaw. Ackee and saltfish is a traditional Jamaican dish. It is the Jamaican National Dish. The ackee fruit was imported to The Caribbean from Ghana before 1725, as Ackee or Aki is another name for the Akan tribe, Akyem. It is also known as Blighia sapida.

Theres always been debate over whether the ackee is a vegetable or a fruit. Thats hardly a concern for the large number of Jamaicans who consume tons of ackee each year, keeping ackee and its saltfish sidekick firmly in place as the national dish of Jamaica. jamaica's national dish

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