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The National MoravianSilesian Theatre There are 517 seats in the Antonn Dvok Theatre and 623 seats in the Ji Myron Thatre. Were going to the Antonn Dvok Theatre which is named after a Czech composer famous for his New World Symphony, the American String Quartet andor the opera Rusalka.The National Moravian Silesian Theatre is Looking for Female Dancers for the Season August 31, 2017 August 31, 2017 auditions. com 3649 Views ballet, ballet audition, ballet audition europe, ballet europe, czech republic, Ostrava, The National Moravian Silesian Theatre national moravian-silesian theater

OSTRAVA NATIONAL THEATRE OPERA: Opera Premieres at Prague Opera Houses: Ostrava National Theatre history opera premieres opera repertoire seating plan opera tickets map& address. NATIONAL MORAVIAN SILESIAN THEATRE IN OSTRAVA ANTONN DVOK THEATRE

Return to National MoravianSilesian Theatre page. Last edited on 22 October 2018, at 08: 04 Content is available under CC BYSA 3. 0 unless otherwise noted. The National MoravianSilesian Theatre in Ostrava was established in October 1918 as a permanent Czech professional theatre. Today the theatre consists of four artistic ensembles (ballet drama opera operetta) and serves for auditorium not only from Ostravanational moravian-silesian theater Theatre 12 is a chamber scene of MoravianSilesian Theatre which is located at s. legi Street No. 12 in Ostrava. It is a venue for activities and other experimental theatrical projects at the intersection of genres. Its auditorium accommodates 60 people.

The National MoravianSilesian Theatre is a professional theatre company based in Ostrava in the Czech Republic. It is one of ten opera houses in the country, and the largest theatre company in the MoravianSilesian Region. The NDM has two permanent theatres, the Antonn Dvok Theatre and the Ji Myron Theatre. The company was registered in 1918, and the theatre was first opened to the public on 19 national moravian-silesian theater The National MoravianSilesian Theatre in Ostrava The only theatre in Moravia with four theatre ensembles The Theatre in Ostrava was founded in 1919, and is the unmistakeable centre of the cultural, intellectual, and social life of the population of northern Moravia and Silesia. NATIONAL MORAVIAN SILESIAN THEATRE IN OSTRAVA ANTON N DVO K THEATRE. In 1902 the municipality in Ostrava founded a theatre building fund and two years later the theatre building committee decided to start a construction of a city theatre. Viennese architect Alexander Graf designed the building in a neobaroque style. Feb 19, 2010 Some footage from the making of Eric Trottirs new performance U2 you too? for the National Moravian Silesian Theatre. Premiere The Artistic Director Lenka Dmalov announces auditions to recruit new members of the ballet company of the National MoravianSilesian Theatre for the season.

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