Pros and cons of joining the national guard

2020-01-24 21:32

List of Pros of Joining the National Guard 1. Education. 2. Job Training. 3. Good Opportunity for Personal and Professional Development. 4. Work Hours and Pay. 5. Greater Stability.List of Cons of the National Guard. 1. Risk of Deployment As a member of the National Guard, you are eligible for deployment. The National Guard is less likely to see combat than other branches of the military, but you may still be sent into risky situations. A common assignment for the National Guard is natural disaster relief. pros and cons of joining the national guard

This is another drawback of joining in the Army National Guard. If you enlist in this service, you cant quit the National Guard once you do not like. During the process of enlistment, you commit and pledge to serve, , 6 or 8 years, therefore ensure you are prepared to complete the year of service.

Pros& Cons of the Army National Guard Job Training. One main benefit of the Army National Guard is that it offers paid job training. Educational Opportunities. The Army National Guard also offers many opportunities Work Hours and Pay. The Army National Guard is a parttime commitment, Jan 15, 2018 What are the pros and cons of joining a national guard at 18 years old? How do I know if I should join the Army Reserves or the National Guard? David Franklin, Former Army Officer and Drill Sergeant.pros and cons of joining the national guard By the 1860s, the service was known as the United States Revenue Cutter Service. The Coast Guard was formed from the merger of the Revenue Cutter Service and the United States LifeSaving Service in 1915. Recruiting Environment for the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is one of the more difficult branches to join.

When weighing the pros and cons of the National Guard, one of the most obvious perks you might want to consider is that it's a prestigious job. There's a lot to be said about the valor you get, the respect you get, and the fact that people will be throwing parades in your honor. pros and cons of joining the national guard Nov 15, 2006 Now for the national guard vs. the reserve or active duty their are many pros and cons. While he will get to stay at home for a good part of the time and live an otherwise normal life, the guard and reserve actually have a higher chance of deploying than active duty soldiers. How can the answer be improved? As with any parttime job, there are pros and cons to joining the Guard. The National Guard offers enlisted men and women a signing bonus and compensations for every day that they work. In addition, the Guard can help enlisted members acquire their GED, pay for college, or get started on a

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