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history of Uganda In Uganda: Obotes second presidency the movements guerrilla group, the National Resistance Army (NRA), and waged an increasingly effective campaign against the government.Since late 1986 the National Resistance Army (NRA) has been fighting a counterinsurgency war against rebels in northern Uganda. Throughout this period there have been persistent reports of gross abuses against the civilian population by both the NRA and the rebels. national resistance army uganda

The National Resistance Army 1985. The National Resistance Army (NRC) moved into Kampala on January 25 1986 and overthrew the

the main parties were the National Resistance Movement (NRM) headed by Museveni, consisting primarily of peoples from the south and the west of the country, and the Uganda Peoples Democratic Army headed by an Acholi, General Tito Okello, consisting primarily of Acholi and other northern peoples. The Rise of the National Resistance Army. the Uganda National Rescue Front (UNRF) and the Former Uganda National Army (FUNA) were given arms and joined the Okello Government. Another smallnational resistance army uganda The Uganda National Liberation Front (UNLF) was a political group formed by exiled Ugandans opposed to the rule of Idi Amin with an accompanying military wing, the Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA).

No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Uganda The Rise of the National Resistance Army information contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about Uganda The Rise of the National Resistance Army should be addressed to the Library of Congress and the CIA. national resistance army uganda the National Resistance Army (NRA) of Uganda, which overthrew the repressive government of General Tito Okello in 1986. The NRA succeeded where other guerrilla movements failed because of its leadership, organization, and strategy. An understanding of these offers important insights into the nature of guerrilla struggle in Africa. Leadership The National Resistance Army (NRA), the military wing of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), was a rebel army that waged a guerrilla war, commonly referred to as the Ugandan Bush War or Luwero War, against the government of Milton Obote, and later that of Tito Okello. The Ugandan Bush War, also known as the Luwero War, the Ugandan civil war or the Resistance War, was a civil war fought in Uganda between the Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) and a number of rebel groups, most importantly the National Resistance Army (NRA), from 1980 to 1986.

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